Freiburg Mitwinter Ball 2009: Tae Fife and Back

Join the St. Andrews Pilgrimage

For centuries pilgrims have travelled to St. Andrews. They endured long journeys and defied harsh conditions hoping that they would be helped and their faults corrected. This hope must have been rewarded as to this day the flow continues unabated. Every summer the devout pour into St. Andrews seeking help and correction. They might be more mundanely minded than their predecessors, but (all the same) they are willing to submit to the most excruciating spiritual and physical exercises.

Last summer, after several years of abstinence, a fair number of our group joined the worldwide movement. The members of the Freiburg flock may have had different expectations and experiences (sore feet, baffled brains, stuffed stomachs) — but in the vespertine recaps of the day’s exertions they all turned out to be birds of a feather.

This Midwinter Ball commemorates our sojourn in St. Andrews Summer School and at the same time the great spirit within our group. The obvious, the emotional, the geographical, the personal, the musical, the cute, the odd… reminiscences of every kind have found their way into the programme. All dancers and sympathisers are welcome to bring their own.

Celebrate with us!

Your Freiburg Scottish Country Dancers

Dances will be practiced at the Day School with Jim Cook and Stefan Schatz (piano). Freie Waldorfschule Freiburg Wiehre, Pavillonsaal, price 12€ (student price 6€).

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Day School


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You will find the location and directions to Kirchzarten and to the Day School below. We also provide a list of Hotels and Guesthouses in and around Kirchzarten. For more information please contact:
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