So many questions big and small:
Whenโ€™s the next Freiburg Midwinter Ball?
Will we dance around and round,
will we be Antarctica Bound?
Letโ€™s all go our friends to meet
and relieve our Itchy Feet,
have lots of fun, feel happy and free
with Dancing Rain and Hazel Tree.
Is it Two to One or one to two?
Relax, even if you have no clue.
Don't worry, for you can be sure:

The Music Will Tell You!

Freiburg Mitwinter Ball 2024

Music: Ilona Stitz (Whistles), Christine Moos (Violin) & Edwin Werner (Piano)


Some Dances will be practiced at a Day School with Joana Stausberg (teacher) and Sue Bollans (piano):

Information and Registration


Accomodation and getting there
For more accomodation please contact:


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